Frontier Collection

Frontier Collection is a tribute to the State we were born and raised in, the State we have decided to stay in - Wyoming.  Wyoming is, to this day, called a 'frontier state' by the Federal Government.  We're just fine with that!  Wide open spaces (97, 818 square miles) and very low population (578,759) means extremely low population density (6 people per square mile).  More than the the wide open spaces and few people, we love the history of the state.  There is so much history in this state!  Outlaws, Lawmen, shoot outs, expeditions, discoveries, folk lore, treaties, and The Equality State ar a few things that we love about living here.  So, we created a line of coffee to commerate some of what we love about living in Wyoming and the wonderful history.  Each blend in the Frontier Collection is inspired by our love of this State.

We hope you give the blends a try and visit our state - don't move here and crowd it up, visit, enjoy and go home!  Just kidding!  We hope each blend and roast in Frontier Blend brings forth the thoughts we had while creating them.