Two crazy brothers living in southeast Wyoming, a coffee roaster and a dream? Yep! Amazing to think we are separated by so many birth years and have the same values and dreams. Growing up in Wyoming we have learned all about working hard, doing things right the first time, the importance of our family and dreaming as big as Wyoming’s wide open spaces. Doing something nobody thought we would or could – I mean, who in the right mind roasts and sells coffee in the middle of farm and cattle country? US!!

Janus Coffee Roasters spawned out of some late night talks, early morning dreams and the desire to open a business together. The coffee we roast is roasted in small batches with family, our hearts and the desire to provide the very best coffee experience to all our customers. And we have a whole lot of fun doing it! We’ll always be available to answer questions, get suggestions and we’re really looking forward to getting to know our customers. Our email inbox will always be open and we’ll always hit reply!