Janus Coffee House French

Janus Coffee House French

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Our French roast is truly an experience. Sweet and creamy walnut notes with a smooth milk chocolate aftertaste this dark roast requires no cream or sugar. If you're looking for a rich and dark roast with deep flavor then look no further. Your cup is right here.

Coffee Origin: Brazil

Roast Level: Very Dark

Light - Roasted to our lightest level. Usually before first cracks end. Called a Half City Roast.

Medium/Light - Roasted to first crack. Called a City Roast.

Medium - Roasted after first cracks before well before second crack. Called a City+ Roast.

Medium/Dark - Roasted to the start of second cracks.

Dark - Roasted from the start of second cracks to 15 seconds into second cracks.

Very Dark - Roasted beyond 15 seconds into second cracks.

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