Private Reserve Espresso

Private Reserve Espresso

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Private Reserve Espresso is a 2 bean blend that was created for our family.  After over 3 years we decided that it was time to share it with everyone.  This blend is extremely smooth and very flavorful with the expected espresso bitterness.  The flavor profile consists of milk chocolate, raisins and roasted peanuts.  

So, from our family to yours...Private Reserve Espresso!

Light - Roasted to our lightest level. Usually before first cracks end. Called a Half City Roast.

Medium/Light - Roasted to first crack. Called a City Roast.

Medium - Roasted after first cracks before well before second crack. Called a City+ Roast.

Medium/Dark - Roasted to the start of second cracks.

Dark - Roasted from the start of second cracks to 15 seconds into second cracks.

Very Dark - Roasted beyond 15 seconds into second cracks.

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