Simply Stogies Podcast

Simply Stogies Podcast

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We are so excited to have a collaboration with Simply Stogies.  As with all collaborations it took some time to get the right blend and roast.  Tim and James were amazing to work with, both bringing their own expectations.  The end result?

3 bean dark roast that is full body.  Simply Stogies has has notes of earth, nuts, cocoa, hints of caramel.   This blind and roast has relatively low acidity and can be enjoyed no matter your brewing choice.

Light - Roasted to our lightest level. Usually before first cracks end. Called a Half City Roast.

Medium/Light - Roasted to first crack. Called a City Roast.

Medium - Roasted after first cracks before well before second crack. Called a City+ Roast.

Medium/Dark - Roasted to the start of second cracks.

Dark - Roasted from the start of second cracks to 15 seconds into second cracks.

Very Dark - Roasted beyond 15 seconds into second cracks.

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