Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged

Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged

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Our Irish Whiskey Barrel Aged coffee is an annual release with limited availability.  We have taken a top notch Nicaraguan bean and aged it for over a month in an Irish Whiskey Barrel.  We then slow roast the beans to a medium roast.  The slow roast to medium allows the nutty vanilla flavor of the Irish Whiskey to shine while retaining the sweet caramel and chocolate flavors of the Nicaraguan bean.  Any alcohol content in the bean is roasted away.

We're really excited and very pleased with how this unique limited release has turned out!  Give it a try, we don't think you'll be disappointed!

Light - Roasted to our lightest level. Usually before first cracks end. Called a Half City Roast.

Medium/Light - Roasted to first crack. Called a City Roast.

Medium - Roasted after first cracks before well before second crack. Called a City+ Roast.

Medium/Dark - Roasted to the start of second cracks.

Dark - Roasted from the start of second cracks to 15 seconds into second cracks.

Very Dark - Roasted beyond 15 seconds into second cracks.

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